User Documentation for Apache MADlib
deep_learning Directory Reference


file  input_data_preprocessor.sql_in
file  keras_model_arch_table.sql_in
file  madlib_keras.sql_in
 Fit, evaluate and predict for one model.
file  madlib_keras_automl.sql_in
 Functions to run automated machine learning (autoML) methods for model architecture search and hyperparameter tuning.
file  madlib_keras_custom_function.sql_in
 Function to load serialized Python objects into a table.
file  madlib_keras_fit_multiple_model.sql_in
file  madlib_keras_gpu_info.sql_in
 Utility function to report number and type of GPUs in the database cluster.
file  madlib_keras_model_selection.sql_in
 Explore network architectures and hyperparameters by training many models a time.