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Cardinality Estimators

Detailed Description

A collection of methods to estimate the number of unique values contained in the data.

Sketches (sometimes called "synopsis data structures") are small randomized in-memory data structures that capture statistical properties of a large set of values (e.g., a column of a table). Sketches can be formed in a single pass of the data, and used to approximate a variety of descriptive statistics.

We implement sketches as SQL User-Defined Aggregates (UDAs). Because they are single-pass, small-space and parallelized, a single query can use many sketches to gather summary statistics on many columns of a table efficiently.

This module currently implements user-defined aggregates based on three main sketch methods:

Note: Features marked with a star (*) only work for discrete types that can be cast to int8.

The sketch methods consist of a number of SQL UDAs (user-defined aggregates) and UDFs (user-defined functions), to be used directly in SQL queries.


 CountMin (Cormode-Muthukrishnan)
 Implements Cormode-Mathukrishnan CountMin sketches on integer values as a user-defined aggregate.
 FM (Flajolet-Martin)
 Implements Flajolet-Martin's distinct count estimation as a user-defined aggregate.
 MFV (Most Frequent Values)
 Implements the most frequent values variant of the CountMin sketch as a user-defined aggregate.